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On a rough estimate, we have reached over one lakh people during more than 20 years
of our service to society. We have effected a subtle, but visible, change in the level of
wellbeing, health and happiness in segments of society we have served.

Most of the relief has gone into addressing the immediate needs of the victims of natural
and man-made calamities. However, our long-term work like building shelters and
providing scholarships has had long-lasting effects. As our shelters have (after seasonal
repairs by beneficiaries) endured for years, our scholarship programme has brought
stability and prosperity to many households run by successful men and women who got
higher education with the support of our funds and got good jobs in government and
private sector.

Over the last two decades, with consistent relief and rehabilitation work underway, we
have been making a qualitative difference in the lives of the less privileged.

Homes and colonies for the dispossessed and needy; utensils and food for those building
their lives again; buffaloes and sewing machines as means of livelihood have been made
available in several parts of India.

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