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Ta'awun Trust was established during early 80s and formally registered in September 1988 in New Delhi under the Founder Chairmanship of Dr. Mohd. Manzoor Alam. The Trust was primarily established for advancement of education in arts, sciences including medical and health education, to promote and develop cottage industries and agriculture, to encourage higher and professional education in the community, and to extend financial and other help to the vulnerable sections of the society specially those regularly affected by natural calamities like floods, famines, earthquakes, hurricanes, landslides, etc. and those who suffered from communal riots, caste strifes, sectarian violence as also to look after destitutes, sick, orphans, disabled, aged etc.


In view of the huge increase in these calamities in the country, the Trust has now decided to constitute a Relief and Rehabilitation Committee to work especially for the victims of communal riots, earthquakes, floods and droughts.

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